Software development and subcontracting

Software development and subcontracting

Software development and subcontracting

My motto is; "That's just code!"

Software development subcontracting is a good solution in situations where your company needs competent and flexible coding assistance. I work on projects either as short-term additional assistance or in longer-term cooperation with the ordering company.
I can therefore act as a total or partial supplier in subcontracting projects where the customer is another IT company. Companies in other fields can also outsource their IT projects very smoothly, as I can provide all the technology related to project tools, test servers and other frequently needed other services.

I am able to implement the development with Scandinavian quality and yet at a very competitive price. The lightweight operating model guarantees fast but inexpensive delivery, keeping the schedule and cost estimates. In all my activities, I follow general good practices and standards. The technical implementation of the software is always customer-oriented and the end product is designed so that its life cycle is ensured in the future as well. If necessary, I can also implement the project based on well-known quality systems, such as ISO 9001 and ISO / IEC 15504 (SPICE), also taking into account information security in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard.

Software development subcontracting is a good solution, for example, if your IT company suffers from labor shortages or you are growing strongly, but you do not want to increase the number of permanent staff yet! I can also join you in projects that require more resources momentarily than your own resources can handle.

My technology stack contains in example:

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A company operating outside the IT sector should also ask about the possibility of implementing a software or online service according to your requirements in IT Development Spain.

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