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I am specialized in companies IT service at the Costa Blanca, Torrevieja and my expertiese include a number of different IT areas.

I implement various solutions related to corporate infrastructure. If your needs are office cabling, installation of switch cabinets and the implementation of any server room, I am at your service. Various wireless network solutions are also my area of expertise. I will carry out the work related to the infrastructure in accordance with the laws and regulations and in such a way that the solution will continue to function and is easily expandable in the future. You also get complete documentation of installations, so that possible fault situations can be resolved in the future as quickly, cost-effectively and easily as possible.

My comprehensive service also covers matters related to the company's information security. If you are unsure about the security of your company's machines, the state of your antivirus, the operation of your firewall, or if you need to encrypt certain information or prevent some people from accessing certain folders, ask for advice.

Also ask more about other services I offer, such as my own cloud service, website development, backup solutions, and many other technical issues needed by the company and office.

IT Development Spain will help your company grow so that your information systems will continue to be up-to-date and are as compatible as possible with your business partners and other systems.

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