Software development and subcontracting

Why subcontract?


Subcontracting software development is worthwhile!

There are many benefits. And why is it also worth it from Spain?

Many things have been misunderstood in subcontracting.

In most companies, subcontracting is perceived as a rigid solution and one where making contracts is difficult and even one where the company's own know-how leaks out. There is also often a fear that the subcontractor works with others in the same area and may be overloaded and unable to produce the output required by the order.
Ordering from abroad is also feared and thought to be a complicated and risky process that requires a lot of resources.

Wrong! I always subcontract with companies in such a way that the company can think of me as one paid employee in the group. The subcontracting agreement always covers the fact that even though I work outside the company, my operating model is always company-oriented and one where the company's interests come first.

This also means that I can participate in product development, ideation, software specification, etc.
During many subcontracting projects, I have been, for example, in the position of the lead developer and in many projects also responsible for a very wide-ranging development considering the future and the product life cycle. I have also implemented new development and support functions and systems for many companies.
In some situations, I also act in the role of a consultant, where I only assist and guide the developers in the right direction and also in such a way that that direction remains correct.

Software development 100% remotely. Will it succeed?

Yes, it will work! Over the years, I have worked in several very large projects. And also in small ones.
100% remote work in every one and successfully in every one. There are several cases where I have never even met the client of the job in question, even remotely. Typically, after all, we have a video meeting once or twice in a week, but really - there have been orders for the project without anything other than emails back and forth and even for a project that lasted more than two and a half years.
I am a remote work pioneer and have started talking about remote work and about it in companies since before the turn of the millennium. 100% remotely I have produced software development as well software design and consulting as a subcontract to companies since 2007.

Subcontracting is cooperation where both parties win.

When the cooperation starts, it is meant to be beneficial for both parties. -just like it is in business.
This is precisely the advantage of subcontracting. I am involved in software development for the company like others, and I am still able to be flexible as needed. Without separate additional fees or without the problem that there is no job available right now. Let's act in the way that is best for the company right now.

Why not go with a model where we could act:

Subcontracting is a risk-free option.

Do the work according to what is needed. No hidden costs, no sick leave payments, no summer vacation pay, no long notice periods and no other bureaucracy.
Simplify! Let's make a deal, let's start small. In addition, the hourly price of subcontracting drops depending on how many hours are accumulated!
And then when there is no longer a need, then the matter is clear. Let's finish the project, document the last ones and close the folders. Before the next one!

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