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IT Security

Regardless of the size of the company, information security is one of the critical areas of operations.

Information security is not only about installing a virus checker on computers and ensuring program updates.
The company's information security is an operating model, which as a whole is helped by technical solutions, but the security itself comes from the culture of the company's operations.

Every company needs information security. It is already needed for legal reasons, for example due to GDPR requirements. It doesn't matter how small or big the company is. Every company must prepare for the worst, because operations will be interrupted or at worst possible stop completely if a bad problem hits. And the problem is never booking time in advance from the calendar!

Security is not a difficult thing. It is proactive action and preparation for the worst.

It is something that should be taken into account in advance and every small company should strive for to implement security in such a way that it also withstands the company's growth.
Anticipating safety is always much cheaper than fixing things and finding out afterwards after the damage has already happened!
This is where the security standard ISO 27001 helps, and well-implemented corporate security also increases the company's value.
It is worth thinking that comprehensive information security includes at least the following things:

In addition to the company's local information security, we need to notice also the cloud services and possibly the company even has its own software running somewhere else where information is managed.

Very often, for example, in the case of cloud services, it is not known where the information is located! Storing data outside the EU may even break the law!
This point should be taken into account by companies, because there are many services available online, but their data protection is not necessarily in accordance with the law.

Many other factors also affect the access to information in companies. Even a change of person! Or, for example, the fact that you want to share the internet connection for customer use. Both of the examples pose a very high risk to the company's security unless technical and human actions have been created for them demanding protocol on how to operate.

In what condition is the company's own software?

Many companies also use software that is self-made and possibly uses some third-party software or part of it. If such is being used publicly online without the latest security updates, the risk is really high. And similar problems should also be fixed in "inside the house" systems.

However, when it comes to software, technology changes quickly. Various platforms have new components and many that have been removed or are about to be removed of use. Those where you no longer get any updates at all. At the same time, the company's own service may be very old and legacy code. Even so risky, where, for example, passwords are stored in the database in plain text or in MD5 format. Many companies also have data in their databases that should not be there at all, or at least it should be in an encrypted form and identifiable as such, which the law requires to be deleted within a specified period.

Get in touch quickly and we'll find out about such risks as well. And as a result of the report, we get a clear model of what needs to be fixed and where and why.

Information security is not only the bad and mandatory thing. It is a necessary thing!

In today's world, the risk of various scams is only increasing. Every single attempter should be up to date and prepare a security exception document. This is already required in the EU GDPR law regarding personal data, and for an even greater reason such a thing should be available for the company itself as a tool to know where something is and what kind of risks the company's own data is subject to.

IT Development Spain helps companies in the region map out risks and find out and implement measures related to improving security, whatever they may be whether they are technical or possibly related to personnel training and operations. If necessary, a security analysis of the software in use can also be produced and much more, which will benefit the company in the future to cope with problem situations more easily.

Not when the fire is already burning, but before so it doesn't start!

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