Graphic design

IT Development Spain is also an all-round advertisement agency.

Graphic appearance of your company´s web pages

Well functioning and imposing web pages are your company´s calling card to the entire world just like your advertising is in any other form of media!

We execute the graphic appearance and outlook of your company in a tailor-made manner and in such way that the photo material is especially optimated to be used in the Internet.

If your company´s web pages seem to download slowly it can be due to the fact that your web pages contain too much of too “bulky” graphic material unsuitable to the browser in use.

In addition to carrying out the graphic optimization we can also execute the best possible visibility for various search engines whilst ensuring the penetration of your web pages no matter what different standards require. Get in touch with us and ask us how we could renew your web pages.

Printed material

In addition to apparent graphics present in the Internet, we also produce graphic designs to diverse printed matter, whether it would be a newspaper advertisement, flyer, business card, poster or any other graphical material.

Our graphic designs are carried out in a comprehensive manner and should your company be in need of a renewal of its image or you are just about to start, we can design your graphic appearance in its entity including your company´s logo, various trade and brand marks together with letter templates etc.

By centralizing your advertising agency necessities with us you can be sure that your company has a consistent appearance and look in all forms of media. It also means that all made material is in one place only and that it will always be safeguarded and stored for later use.

We support all general graphic formats and are able to produce your photographic material in such a way that it is ready to be taken to print in CMYK 4-colour separation format or as an RGB-picture ready to be inserted in its optimated form into your company´s web pages. We can dispatch the material directly to the newspaper of your choice or to the printing house or copy shop.