In IT Development Spain, we are ICT-professionals and we understand the fact that computers and IT systems are mandatory for business growth and stability. If you company does not operate in IT-sector, you do not need to worry. You do not need to know how to do technical configurations of routers and servers and so on. We are here for you and we can free your staff to do what they can do best: Your business and nothing more. -leave the technical issues for us!

IT Consulting services

Also smaller companies can face many problems.

In many smalla scale companies, the need of the new IT systems comes from the 3-party requirement. Maybe you have more customers than you can handle with “Excel” and actually you do not have a clear picture of your clientle anymore. In some case it may be so confusing that you do not know anymore what are your best selling products and who are your best customers. Maybe your time goes into triple-work when inserting same information into several systems and forms.

We can help here! We are professionals in IT-systems design and our consultation services includes solutions for many situations.

Here are some examples of our consultation services:

  • Standardizations of IT systems and data
  • Company Data Processing Systems (ERP, CMS, DMS etc.)
  • Master Data Management (MGM)
  • Software as a Service (Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, SAAS)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Systems Integration
  • Data manipulation and conversions from system into another
  • Transactional data handling
  • etc..

IT Development Spain can help you company to ensure that all your systems are legal, standardized, up-to-date and scalable also in the future.

Data security

We are data security specialists. From us you can have:

  • Data security analyses
  • Guides and documentation how to improve your IT security
  • Secure networking solutions and guides
  • Security training for company staff
  • etc..

Is your company ready for the worst? Company security is much more than just installing a virus scanner! Ask more from us and order a data security analyse for your company before it is too late!