We offer wide range of services for companies IT Infrastructure and solutions for it. If you are in need of IT and/or electric cabeling, installation of the office network switching unit or perhaps your company is in need of the entire environment controlled and secure server room solution? We do all this and behind us there are a wide range of professionals to help. Our professionality includes wireless solutions as well.

Solutions for Companys IT Infrastructure

  • Is your company still in agony with a messy net of cabels in a “dust ball” and you really do not know what goes and where and why?
  • Is your company expanding and in need of new positions to work with nicely installed cable conduits?
  • Are you setting up a new Company in the Costa del Sol and are in need of consultation for your IT needs?
  • Is all your comany information stored inside into the one computer without backups? Should you consider a office server solution?

We are IT professionals and we can help you with many kind of problems. It does not matter if your company is a “one man driven” or a company with more than 100 employees. All these are our clients!

We work within law & regulations anf all our implementations are guarenteed to be designed so that they are expandable in the future and mainenance is standardised. We also provide a full documentation of all what we have done. If your company asks, we can do it to fulfill quality standards such as ISO27001, ISO9001 and/or ISO/IEC15504 and beyond. Therefore all possible problematic situations are easily solved by other professionals even we wouldn’t be at site.

We provide

  • Cabeling into the cable conduits
  • Routers, switches, firefalls and all other network topology solutions
  • We can help you to have a network on site -even a symmetric Fibre Optic line!
  • Wireless solutions
  • Office servers and printers
  • Own Cloud Solutions
  • Tailored specialist systems
  • Electric enginering with the IT cabling (with independent contractor)
  • CCTV-systems and centralized electronic locking systems (with independent contractor)
  • Company VPN-networks, direct lines etc.. (with independent contractor)