Systems support

We serve you with diverse it-related matters both in Costa del Sol and even elsewhere. If you need help with cabling your computer network, your server settings need to be put in order, you need to find out why your system no longer functions or should you come across with any other technical fault, just remember that It Development Spain is here to help you.

Systems support and maintenance services for companies

Our comprehensive service also includes everything related with your company´s data security. If you are unsure about the date security of your computers, the current state of virus prevention, the functionality of set firewalls or if you have the need to encrypt certain information or prevent somebody from accessing certain files, do not hesitate to ask for our advice.

We can also retrieve accidentally deleted information or destroyed files. Even if everything is “so far, so good”, IT Development Spain highly recommends that you would get in touch with us in order to safeguard your hardware and to check the level of your file backup system.

If you are unsure of the security of your company´s transferable data (ie. pen drives), get in touch with us! We can assist you with safeguarding of information and other data security issues. Please remember that very few companies can stand to loose vital information such as client register, current bookkeeping status or placing confidential information into the wrong hands!

We support the following Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows

    • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
    • Vista *)
    • XP *)

  • Linux

    • Fedora / RHEL / CentOS
    • Ubuntu / Debian / Mint
    • Other distributions **)

  • Unix **)
  • Mac **)

Please, note that we may not know the specific software you are using and therefore support cases may vary!

*) Official support has been surceased. Only basic functionality is supported.
**) Only basic functionality/configurations and server side software if system version is under distributors official support.